While Eddy’s shopping with his dad, he cries: ‘Wow! Look at that!’

He’s pointing somewhere over there – but WHAT’S he pointing AT?

A bicycle SO nicycle! It’s standing in a shop!

It’s shiny red and sparkly new – it makes his eyes go pop!

‘Oh, dad! I WANT that bicycle! So red and sparkly new!’

‘Alright,’ says dad, ‘I’ll speak to mum – we’ll see what we can do!’

A few weeks later Eddy has a brilliant birthday treat,

It’s small and red and sparkly new – it has a leather seat!

The bicycle so nicycle! Oh! He can hardly wait!

He takes it out the kitchen door and through the garden gate.

BUT … when he sits upon the seat and turns the wheels around,

His bike starts jumping up and down and throws him on the ground!

‘That’s weird!’ thinks Eddy with a shrug, ‘I’ll try it once again!’

He climbs onto the bike once more … but guess what happens then!

It slips and slides from side to side now here, now over there!

It’s like a helter skelter ride you go on at the fair!


This bicycle’s NOT nicycle! It’s really, really BAD!

This bicycle’s the baddest bike that Eddy’s ever had!

It throws him on the floor once more, but Eddy WON’T be beat!

He rolls his shirt sleeves up and then … he gets back on that seat!

As soon as he is sitting, it starts spinning like a top!

And only when it throws him off does it decide to stop!


This bicycle’s NOT nicycle! It’s really, really MEAN!

The meanest little bicycle that’s ever, ever been!

When Eddy gets back on the seat, and tries it once again,

The bike goes round the garden once, it stops … it thinks … and then …

The seat shoots up so VERY high, it reaches to the SKY!

It shakes and shivers, jumps and jitters … then it makes him FLY!


This bicycle’s NOT nicycle! It’s rotten through and through!

This bicycle’s NOT nicycle! Oh! What should Eddy do?!

He WON’T give up! He WON’T be beat! He gets back on that seat!

He grips the handles tight and shoves the pedals with his feet!

And then, guess what, the bicycle glides smoothly as a dream!

‘At last,’ he cries, ‘that’s better! Now we’re working like a team!’

BUT … when he puts the brakes on (as he’s feeling really tired),

The bicycle shoots off just like a cannon that’s been fired!

The bike goes whizzing faster! Eddy cannot make it stop!

It runs up streets! It runs down roads! It stops outside a shop!

‘That’s where I got my bike,’ thinks Eddy, ‘Why’s it brought me here?’

He looks into the window and then EVERYTHING is clear:

Two large red bikes are standing there, they’re looking very sad!

So THAT’S why his new bicycle was being really bad!

So …

He goes back home and tells his dad, they drive off in his van,

His dad buys TWO new bicycles from Mike, the bike shop man.

And now …

His bicycle’s SO nicycle! It’s never, EVER bad!

Because his bright red bicycle … has got its mum and dad!