When I finished being a baby, I was packed off to school to learn how to be a grown up. I needed four schools AND a university for this. I am a really slow learner. If I am honest (and I rarely am), very little of what I learned has been of any use to me whatsoever now that I AM a grown up. I spend most of my time nowadays trying to remember what it was like to be a child. I think they should have schools for adults where they can unlearn everything they have been taught. And all the teachers should be artists and clowns and silly people.

For those of you who are looking for some serious information about me, good luck! No, here is something: I went to Eastbourne College (which is a college in Eastbourne). When I wasn’t avoiding playing rugby, I was working SO hard that I got a scholarship to Oxford University (a university in Oxford). By the way, a scholarship is NOT a boat for brainy people, though that would have been more fun. At Oxford I studied Latin and Greek when it didn’t interfere with the things I REALLY wanted to do, like acting and singing. And THAT was my education.