Once upon a time was a long time ago,

There are no happy endings,

Just a slow fade, you know,

The lights are cold,

And I grow old,

But I refuse to give in to rage,

Better forgotten

Than never thought of at all,

Life can be rotten

But it’s also a ball.

I’m fading,

How degrading,

A hand print in the hall of fame,

A star I once walked Sunset B,

Now the sun has set for me,

And I haven’t got a penny to my name.

You’ll find my name in books,

But what use are books

When you’ve lost all your looks,

And the only looks you get

Are full of pity and disdain.

‘There she goes,’ they used to say,

As with gold they paved my way,

Now it’s ‘there she went’,

And I haven’t got enough for last month’s rent,

One minute you’re remembered,

The next you’re forgotten,

It’s tough at the top,

It’s even tougher at the bottom.

One final word and then I’m done,

I’ll end this song as it was begun,

I’m fading, no, I faded,

But I’ll never be degraded,

I lost the battle

But the war I won,

And now, I’m finished.