If you plant an A like a seed in the ground,

You’ll soon have an APPLE all shiny and round.

And if you blow into a B, very soon

You’ll find that you’ve got a big, bouncy BALLOON!

If you catch a C, you will find without fail

That you’ve caught a CAT with a cute, curly tail!

If you put a D in that crumbly old wall,

Then you’ll have a DOOR that is dusty and tall.

And then if you open the door, you will see …

A world full of things all beginning with E!

If you find an F, then you might find some fleas,

Or a FOREST that’s full of fantastical trees!

And if you look up, there’s a G with black hair:

A gorgeous GORILLA that glides through the air.

If you go on walking, an H will appear:

A HOUSE with a horse on a hill over here.

And if you go in, you’ll enjoy I and J:

There’s plenty of ICE CREAM and JELLY today!

There’s also a big and a bouncy-ful K:

Why yes! It’s a KANGAROO wanting to play!

And L is for LOOK at what lies on its lap:

It’s M! A magnificent, marvellous MAP!

And if you unroll it, an N you will see,

An island named Norvillus Naughtilus Nee!

If you want to go there, an O you will need,

A shell of an OYSTER, an oar made of reed.

But if you’re not careful, a P will sail by,

And pointy hat PIRATES will plunge from the sky.

Oh! if you are clever, a Q you will be,

And quicker than QUICK you’ll race over the sea!

And then if you hear a loud R on the shore,

It’s waves as they RUMBLE and RATTLE and ROAR!

And then there’s an S, it’s a STORM dark as night,

So you’ll need a T for a TORCH that is bright.

And if you are wet, then a U keeps you dry:

Why yes! An UMBRELLA! Hold tight! Watch it fly!

And then if you look, there’s a V down below,

A VILLAGE and that is where you want to go.

And if you are good, there is W too,

And that is for WOMAN: ‘Oh, mum, I missed you!’

And if you find X, it is treasure you’ve got,

For this is your home and the X marks the spot!

And if you find Y, you are sure to find Zed,

You’ll YAWN and go ZZZZZ as you fall into bed …

And you’ll dream of an A that you plant in the ground,

And a beautiful apple all shiny and round.